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My coaching program promotes self-control, empowerment and social skills.

ADHD Coaching with Families

My focus is to help you learn about AD(H)D, give guidance and support, help navigate the journey and work with you to manage issues that are occurring or arise.

With my practical suggestions you and your family can help your child define and achieve success on a day-to-day basis.


  • Reduce stress on your family by working together to manage your child’s difficulties with self control, frustration, decision making, and/or social skills
  • Reduce conflicts at home by teaching you effective communication techniques
  • Teach you how to become a strong advocate for your child
  • Improve your families quality of life

Clientele Profile:

Parents needing help to shape their child’s behaviour at home, school and in the outside world

My role:

  • Helping parents create and maintain a well-balanced, supportive environment
  • Facilitating resolution of areas of conflict(s) between parent(s) and their child
  • Assisting parents in establishing and maintaining a safe and trusting dialogue with their child
  • Teaming up with both parents and children to practice strategies for coping with hurdles like low self esteem or frequent frustration/outbursts as well as building social skills such as how to deal with people of authority or difficult situations
  • Introducing parents to parent advocacy
  • Helping find community resources
  • Assisting as necessary as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support the child
  • Providing ongoing support and encouragement

Coaching Kids with AD(H)D

My focus is to help your child overcome obstacles and succeed in reaching their goals.  I work with your child in order to get to know them and discover their strengths, challenges, learning styles and routines. Working together with you and your child we then define and set goals and action plans to help your child achieve those goals.


  • Assess social, academic, and family environments in order to understand and address needs in these areas
  • Increase productivity by introducing strategies that help your child learn to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Help reduce impulsivity, distractibility, and daydreaming by working with your child to find methods to stay focused and on task
  • Create goals in project completion
  • Determine ways to further develop your child’s talents and abilities

Clientele Profile:

Children / teens with self-control, productivity, impulsivity and social skill problems (including executive function issues)

My role:

  • Identifying areas of difficulty and frustration
  • Exploring learning strategies to create a positive, supportive environment
  • Developing a program for success
  • Setting goals with minimal stress
  • Helping build skills in all areas of the child’s life
  • Improving time management and planning skills and developing techniques for increased focus and concentration; maximizing productivity at home and school
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaching the child self-advocacy skills
My clients are people who are motivated to surpass challenges and live successful and fulfilled lives.

Some things you may not know about ADHD

  • Although children/teens with ADHD learn and process in a different way they are fully capable

  • Tools including calendars and planners, timers, pictures and incentives can be utilized to help ease challenges associated with ADHD
  • ADHD can have many positive attributes; such as creativity, increased sensitivity and intuition, tenacity and high-energy
  • Many successful business people and entrepreneurs credit many of their achievements to having ADHD!

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    The benefits of AD(H)D coaching are numerous. As an AD(H)D trained coach I have a unique understanding of how my clients are affected and how to overcome related challenges. I am able to adjust strategies to help with individual challenges such as disorganization, inconsistency, impulsive decision-making or whatever the aspect of the problem is. This helps my clients cope better with their or their child’s ADHD. Select this link to contact me.