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Are you and your family overwhelmed by challenging aspects of your child’s AD(H)D? Are you ready to conquer these challenges and provide a more fulfilling life for you and your family?

With personalized coaching, Robin Storfer of Take Flight Coaching is here to help you do just that! Robin’s familiarity and personal experiences with ADHD allow her to create a program specific to your child, your family and your situation. You and your child will learn skills and methods of managing AD(H)D and together your family will “take flight” confidently into the future!

heartI believe people are capable of living a life that honours their passions.

  • Explore

    Examine the many faces of AD(H)D – build on the positives and manage the difficult aspects, Obtain a new perspective on personal challenges and learn to maximize your time and energy, Plan your families goals, values, and mission
  • Discover

    Establish and optimize systems and tools that simplify and improve your family life, Learn about and build on your child’s strengths; create responsibility and accountability to stay on task, Recognize your child’s potential for success!
  • Take Flight

    Acknowledge and celebrate successes, Build pride and self-confidence, Use your child’s accomplishments as a point of departure to future success!
  • Services

    The benefits of coaching are numerous. As an AD(H)D trained coach I have a unique understanding of how my clients are affected. I am able to adjust strategies to help with individual challenges such as disorganization, inconsistency, impulsive decision-making, emotional control as well as many other areas of concern. Select this link to read more

heartWhat the ADHD Experts Say about Coaching for ADHD

We recommend that you hire an ADD coach to assist you in the process. Get yourself a coach to help you stay on track- Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo. Authors of You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!
Coaching, it turns out, is one of the most powerful and effective ways for people with ADHD to achieve success.- Thom Hartmann. Writer of 7 books on ADHD who has ADHD.
Coaching is the single most effective tool in ADD self-management.- Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. Author of several books on ADHD who has ADHD
Coaching intervention can make a real difference in how people with AD/HD negotiate their own particular deficits and cope with life on a daily basis- ADDA - Attention Deficit Disorder Association

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About Take Flight Coaching

The name "Take Flight Coaching" was inspired by travel as a metaphor for living. Travel encourages and expands skills and qualities such as exploration, discovery, self-reliance, recognizing strengths, planning, awareness, and an overall openness to following what might be a completely foreign path in order to get where one wants to go.

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