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Please see below for a wonderful opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge regarding mindful parenting:


When Where
October 27- Dec 1st 9:30 to 11:30
6 consecutive Monday mornings
381-A Eglinton Ave. West, 2nd floor, Side Entrance
(off of Elmsthorpe Ave), Toronto, Ontario, M5N 1A3

This psycho-educational, and practice-oriented program is designed to introduce parents to the principles and practices of Mindful parenting with an emphasis on the unique challenges of raising a child or teen with anxiety or mood related difficulties.

Mindful parenting is intended to enhance parental presence, increase attunement, and reduce parental stress and reactivity. This treatment program aims to improve emotional stability in parents, thereby providing them with a choice about how to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child with social and emotional difficulties

Group modules will be influenced by the evidenced based research of Duncan and Coatsworth and Greenberg as well as Bogels and Restifo.

Through interactive discussion and mindfulness practice exercises, parents in the program will begin to experience and learn:

  • Skills to manage parental stress
  • Practices to decrease reactivity and remain calm and balanced during stressful times
  • Strategies to help respond to parenting challenges with kindness, and wisdom rather than reacting automatically
  • Learn ways to improve parental self care
To register:
 Phone call: 416-333-0640 
 Email contact us at

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